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  • The Textbook in philatelyThe Textbook in philately


  • The Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists considerates towards attracting and educating the young philatelists with a great attention – being a guarantee for the future of the philatelic movement.
  • Immediately after renewing the activity of the Union (1958) starts the organizing of philatelic circles at schools, communities centers, clubs and societies. Even nowadays are remembered the names of the pioneers of the activities being held at the circles-Ivan Daskalov and Miroslav Tokludjanov. Despite of the times where there are many or not so many members, the circles are irreplaceable school for shaping the future philatelists. In 1980-1981 these forms of a study are over 300.
  • The best way for education and communication between the young people are the national philatelic exhibitions and competitions which are held every year from 1973 until 2002.
  • The youth philatelic movement in Bulgaria has a considerable international authority with the regular participation of young philatelists at exhibitions abroad, as well as holding two world youth philatelic exhibitions – МLADOST 74 in Sofia and MLADOST 84 in Pleven.
  • Person responsible for the work of the youth at the Board of managers of the Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists is Grigor TOMANOV .
  • Representative of the Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists at the FIP`s Youth Commission is Christo NIKOLTCHEV .


The Textbook in philately

  • This is a brochure created by the Commission for work with the youth at the Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists and
    published in 2006 by the publishing house “PIK”-Veliko Tarnovo. Authors of the lectures are of many years figures
    of the philatelic movement – Grigor Tomanov, Angel Boyanov, Decho Dechev, Nikolai Chervenkov and Christo Nikoltchev.
    The textbook is addressed to the clubs and circles of the philately, but it can be also used by all
    beginners collectioners of stamps who want to know more about the endless philatelic world.
  • The 16 lectures included are divided into two basic sections: philatelic theory and philatelic practice.
  • You can buy this textbook in the office of the Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists for 3 Euro each.




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