Period: 24 - 26 October, 2014 (Friday-Sunday)

Place: Pavilion 3, International Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On the occasion of: 135-th Anniversary of the postal communications and post stamps in Bulgaria
25 years European Philatelic Federation (FEPA)

Honored patronage: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria

Patronage: The Ambassador of the Portuguese Republic in Bulgaria

Organizers: Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists and International Fair Plovdiv

Сo-organizers: Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Bulgarian posts PLC, Plovdiv Municipality

Size of the exhibition: 150 exhibition frames

Competitive classes: All, according to the Exhibition regulations of FIP. The exhibition has a competitive character.

Participants: Philatelists nominated from the Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists and the Portuguese Philatelic Federation, whose exhibits are awarded with at least vermeil medal at national exhibitions.

Postal-philatelic program: One illustrated post card, post block and series of post stamps.

Parallel events:
1. International Collectors` Fair BULCOLLECTO 2014.
2. National competition for philatelic exhibits “One frame”
3. Annual session of the Bulgarian Philatelic Academy

National commissioners for Bulgaria: Yordan Kochev, Valeriy Terziyski (for the national competition “One frame”)

Correspondence address: P.O. Box 662, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria (for the exhibition)



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