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     IT GIVES US GREAT PLEASURE to invite you on behalf of the Bulgarian Academy of Philately to our exhibition on the Central Military Club Sofia which celebrates 'The centenary year of the Balkan War' during the national holiday of September 6 the Unification Day of Eastern Rumelia and Bulgaria.
     We invited our members and friends to display their collections which will demonstrate the wide variety of interest.
    This exhibition will gives not only the opportunity to see and study marvelous items but also the change for collectors to meet each other in a non-competitive background, to build on existing relationships and to make new ones.

The Exhibition Venue:

   The Military Club (Централен военен клуб) is a multi-purpose monument of culture building in the centre of Sofia. the capital of Bulgaria located on Tsar Osvobodital Boulevard and Georgi Rakovski Street It serves the Bulgarian Army and is administered by the Executive Agency of Military Clubs and Information.
    The foundation stone of the edifice was laid in 1895. The Military Club was designed by Czech architect Antonin Kolar in the Neo-Renaissance style and finished by Bulgarian architect Nikola Lazarov in 1907. The lot and the funding was provided by the Sofia Officers' Assembly. A stone from the victorious battlefield at Slivnitsa from the Serbo-Bulgarian War (1885-1886) was laid in the foundations.
The building has three stories and features a coffeehouse, an art gallery, a number of refined halls varying in size, as well as an imposing concert hall with 450 seats. Due to all this, the Central Military Club has always been an important cultural centre of the capital.
    The Central Military Club in Sofia is among the masterpieces of the Bulgarian early 20th-century architecture, which still adorns the city centre of Bulgaria’s capital city. It is one of the earliest monumental buildings erected after the re-establishment of the Bulgarian state after centuries of Ottoman government.
no fee is required for all participations for this non-competitive salon.

President of Academy                                                                              Coordinator
Spas Panchev                                                                                     Yakup Nakri.AIEP


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